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Revenue-Generating Activities for Our Business and Partners

Tribal CD creates revenue-generating activities for our alliances and networks, which will support our real estate construction projects and community development initiatives.

Real Estate Construction and Community Development

Deal Flow

Tribal CD will benefit from our Strategic Network of Alliances (SNA) by enabling real estate transactions or deals of off-market value-added commercial real estate and development prospects. There are many growth opportunities in Tampa Bay, Florida, and beyond, whether you’re developing, building, flipping, renovating, or keeping properties.

Alliances and Networks for Community Development

In addition to real estate development and construction activities, Tribal CD uses our alliances and networks for community development with nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Extending our decades-long successes in educational, social, and political advocacy, we will expand our offering of itemized professional, educational/vocational services, as well as credit vehicles. Through these, we will help individuals get on their feet and thrive within whatever community they live and work.
Our strategic partners may be approved by 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations and private for-profit enterprises. Tribal CD and its partners will create channels for buying bank-owned or real estate-owned properties and foreclosure portfolios, which will then be sold to credit-rehabilitated buyers.
This will be an ideal program as the COVID-19 moratorium is lifted and the anticipated surge of repossessions hits the market. Tribal CD will frequently prefer priority bidding and cooperate with smaller and larger institutions to provide these properties at a discounted price.
As a certified real estate broker in Florida, Tribal CD will engage with alliances and networks to raise capital to expand the business. The added mission is to channel other beneficial impacts to help underserved populations.

Funding Avenues

Use your cash, land, or untapped equity to get started with funding.

Cash Investment

Invest your private capital and cash reserves in our corporation. You can rest assured that your deals will remain secure since we have a proven track record of success and decades of experience in real estate development and construction.

Asset or Equity Investment

Use your untapped equity in your real estate assets and partnership interests to access equity lines of credit for project investment. Your deals have limited risk or involvement.

Property Subordination

Make a capital contribution of your land into a joint venture with us. We’ll pay for the materials and construction, and you can subordinate your interest to share in the profits. The process is simple and quick, and we will secure your funds.

Support or Partner With Us

Contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us or funding our projects. We truly appreciate your interest and support in our real estate corporation.