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Tribal Community Development Corp (Tribal CD) is a registered real estate corporation and brokerage in Florida. It is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of RCC Holdings Corporation (RCCH), a public company and Colorado corporation listed on the Toronto and London stock exchanges, with the goal of qualifying Tribal CD as a public company soon.
Synergy Real Estate Development (Synergy RE) is a d/b/a of Synergy Business Services, LLC, a Florida limited liability company and a licensed real estate broker. As a division of Tribal CD, Synergy RE is put in place to screen, vet, and undertake due diligence services on worthy transactions and projects before submitting them to Tribal CD. Synergy RE will also function as a traditional brokerage to diversify revenue streams for the parent company.
Trees in the Forest

Mission Focus

We will strengthen communities through a synergy of excellent real estate development and construction company expertise, credentials, skillsets, and strategic networks. As a proven, long-term, licensed, and bonded developer/contractor, now operating as Tribal CD, we will supervise other general contractors, engineers, and professionals of global, national, and local stature.
When possible, we will also hire regional and local labor and professionals, including indigenous people and under-utilized community labor, as subcontractors. We want to establish trusting relationships and, as a result, provide high-quality work and have a tremendous economic influence on the surrounding community.
This deliberate focus on positive community impacts serves as a springboard for more community involvement. Tribal CD will devote a percentage of its funds and efforts to hire and support North American and Canadian indigenous inhabitants, as well as other traditionally underserved groups, in both the surrounding community and through an ever-expanding sphere of influence.
While we appreciate many well-intentioned organizations and charities for their tireless and admirable efforts to assist those facing major life issues, Tribal CD is determined to make a bigger and better difference for those who need help the most.
Tribal CD will deliver a package of private business services to the underserved using a growing company structure, network of private businesses, and nonprofit or 501(c)(3) partners. These will demonstrate that a hands-on approach is the best way to foster personal initiative rather than throwing money at issue
Services include the following: vocational, business, and professional education and training; financial grants, microloans, insurance, and credit repair; staffing; small business support; affordable legal and healthcare consulting; and more.

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