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About Us

Tribal CD is a Native American and Canadian Nation One majority-owned company. Our experience with real estate development and community development is for an important cause. We plan to serve tribal communities and other underserved communities to improve economic and community development.

Executive Management

Chairman - Gene Newton

Our chairman, Gene Newton, has over 45 years of international and domestic development and construction experience in the private, public, and federal sectors. He holds California B1, as well as Nevada A1, B1, and C5 licenses. Mr. Newton has worked with the highest-ranking development and construction executives and projects.


Having a lifetime appointment to the board of the Association of General Contractors of America, Mr. Newton has a long-standing record of extraordinary achievement. His notable development and construction accomplishments include commercial restoration projects and the management of underground, marble, and tile constructions, working directly in the Old Town or main event section of Las Vegas.
Next, Mr. Newton creatively used innovative techniques to install and utilize a steel “clear span” arena building for a distinguished hotel. His methods were borrowed and adapted from his experience in building horse show arenas and race tracks. He is also a long-term member of the Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas.
Then, for most of the hotels/casinos on “the Strip,” his projects involved underground, foundation, and pool construction, including tile and marble work for high roller suites. In addition, he completed the construction of the regional federal courthouse, federal prisons, the Henderson recreation center, country clubs, a casino, a Mercedes dealership, and various golf courses. Remarkably, the Bellagio alone required a $2B performance bond.
Furthermore, he had a large global community development turn-key construction project that built 22,000 homes in Africa. These are prefabricated homes with water purification, solar panel lighting, electricity, and plumbing. The water purification was done by a wholly-owned subsidiary of a recent, successful spin-off into its own public vehicle—the same path Tribal CD is taking to become its own public corporation. This water purification successfully updated Bozeman, Montana’s entire water system.

Social and Political

Mr. Newton was drawn into a leadership role within the Native American community about 50 years ago. As a full-blooded Blackfoot, he has organized and attended to the political, social, business, educational, and vocational requirements of indigenous groups in Southern California and across the US, where he has served on the executive council for decades. He is also a member of Canada’s indigenous Nation One leadership body.

CEO and General Counsel - Bradley E. Essman, JD, LL.M.

Our CEO, Bradley Essman, is a law firm founder in real estate and business development of over 30 years with a postdoctoral LL.M. in real property development and finance from the University of Miami. He has also been a licensed real estate broker for over 15 years and has a global synergy of legal and business growth and risk management strategies that offer a solid foundation.
With added value from an established and growing network of law firms, brokerages, private family offices, hedge fund sources, and public market experience both nationally and abroad, he created extensive opportunities in both transactions and development. Mr. Essman is proud to have been involved with RCCH and Mr. Newton for more than 15 years as corporate and general counsel for some of the above accomplishments and general business, trade, transactional, and consulting work.

Bio and Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Essman is a licensed attorney, entrepreneur, and deal maker with extensive commercial and project-based experience gained from working across international markets and facilitating trade development projects. He makes corporate ambition a practical reality by developing vital counseling, networking, and business skills. As a result, he creates robust and sustainable platforms for profitable growth, making him a trusted and reliable advisor at a board level
Mr. Essman is knowledgeable about the following: project facilitation, deal facilitation, stakeholder engagement, international markets, private equity funding, capital markets, counseling, networking, business development, board advisory, consultancy, sustainable growth, community development, and competency focus.


In 1998, Mr. Essman established his law offices as a business incubator and accelerator platform, devising cutting-edge “Synergy of Legal Business Growth Strategies” and continuously delivering high-quality commercial solutions that meet the highest professional standards. He is a highly successful practitioner in business brokerage, franchise consultancy, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Facilitation and Business Development

He created a variety of joint venture and M&A protocols that both domestic and multinational corporations adopted. Moreover, he worked and advised on a wide variety of projects internationally, including the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Guam, and China, with subjects as diverse as oil and gas, water purification, and housing. Corporate leaders for indigenous peoples of North America and Canada were among those who collaborated with him.
Mr. Essman was an invited member in the University of Maryland for the Maryland International Incubator (MI2), playing an integral role in dozens of complex corporate transactions, including global reverse mergers. He was also frequently appointed as general counsel for corporations at various phases of development, up to and including significant corporations.

Start-Ups and Business Incubator

Mr. Essman is a founder, board member, consultant, crisis manager, and equity participant in various start-up enterprises. He directed and successfully marshaled broad-based resources.


Mr. Essman is an attorney working in the extensive county, state circuit court, federal district courts for the Middle and Southern District of Florida, 2nd District Court of Appeals (DCA), and 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals (USCA). He also handles mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes and provides litigation support to Fortune 500 clients.

Extended Career Appointments (1995 to Date)

  • CEO and General Counsel – Tribal CD (2021 to Date)
  • CEO and General Counsel – Synergy RE (2020 to Date)
  • General Counsel and Business Development Consultant – Law Offices of Bradley E. Essman: St. Petersburg, FL (1998 to Date)
  • Assistant State Attorney – Hillsborough County: Tampa, FL (1997 to 1998)
  • General Counsel – Alternative Health Care Connections Inc. (1995 to 1997)
  • General Counsel – Trans World Electronics Inc (1995 to 1996)
  • Attorney – Jacobs, Forlizzo & Neal, P.A.: FL (1994 to 1995)
  • Attorney – Van Winkle, Buck, Wall, Starnes & Davis, P.A.: NC (1992 to 1994)

Professional Affiliations

  • Court of International Trade
  • FL Bar, Licensed FL Real Estate Broker


  • University of Miami in Miami, FL – LL.M. in Real Property Development and Finance, 3.8 GPA (1992)
  • University of Miami in Miami, FL – Jurisprudence Doctorate in Law, Business Law Emphasis, 3.5 GPA (1990)
  • Davidson College in Davidson, NC – BA in Liberal Arts (Philosophy and Humanities), 3.5 GPA (1986)